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Though there’s an increasing number of online platforms out there dedicated soley to scratchcard fans, it’s fair to say that they aren’t the only ones offering up plenty of opportunities to indulge in our favourite form of gaming.

No doubt inspired by the rising popularity of sites like Scratchamania and and Winspark scratchcards (both of which have been reviewed on this website), traditional online casinos and bookmakers have jumped on the scratchcard bandwagon too, offering a number of free and pay-to-play virtual cards along with other games such as slots, sports betting, and virtual Poker.

Though they weren't the first to do, long-standing British bookies William Hill have so far proven to be one of the most successful operators in the country when it comes to incorporating scratchcards into their repertoire.

Does that make them any good? Does a big, multi-national chain match up to the number of scratchcard-dedicated websites already out there? Let's find out together, shall we?

Sign-up bonus

Regular readers of this website will no doubt have read my warnings to be wary of those scratchcard sites that offer huge bonuses only to find that you can't actually cash in your winnings.

Give this company their due, that's not really the case here. The brand offer a simple £5 bonus when you sign up, similiar to the one they offer new players on their sports betting sites. Not the biggest ever, especially when there’s a minimum deposit requirement of £10, but it does at least give you the option the play a few freebies and find your favourite game without having to worry about having to use up huge winnings before you can bank any serious money.

Game choices

There's a massive selection of games on offer, with many based on the popular slot machines you'll find on their vegas casino site. Yet when it comes to the question of scratchcards vs. casinos, I've got to give the nod to the former.

Of course, you’d probably expect nothing less from me, but hear me out anyway. Not only are the scratchcard versions of popular games like Macau Fortune, Lucky Duck and Genie Jackpot a lot simpler to get to grips with than their casino counterparts, the odds of winning are actually significantly increased, with some offering greater overall jackpots than the slots.

As an old-school computer game fan, it probably won't surprise you when I tell you that one of my favourite games on here is Munchy Munch, which looks, feels, and plays just like PacMan whilst avoiding all the copyright issues of actually using that name.

In this one you scratch your way around the PacMan-themed maze area, looking to collect three matching values. If you get up to 5x below the MunchY Munch logo, you can multiply your winnings by five, up to the top prize of 10,000 times your original stake.

Whilst Munchy Munch is one of the few games on here that isn't based on a slot, another firm favourite, medusa, is.

Here, you get the virtual scratchcard staple of six boxes that make-up an image of the snake-haired beauty, pulling away each one looking for three matching symbols. If you get three Medusa logos, you're guaranteed free games, with each one ultimately revealing a cash prize that can range from x1 to x1000 your original £2 stake.


The large selection of games, decent and fair bonus offer, and overall ease of playing the games aren’t the only things WIlliam Hill’s scratchcard site has working in its favour. I found that the technology at play meant games loaded quickly, played smoothly, and looked far better than some of your average scratchcard sites.

Certainly one to keep an eye on then if you’re looking for something different for your next scratchcard session!

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