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Latest Scratchcard Game Reviews

New Christmas Joy Game

Christmas Joy_3
Christmas Joy is the new Crazy Scratch official holiday multi scratch card.
The game provides the player with a warm, cozy and festive atmosphere that includes all the fun and excitement of the traditional opening of the presents and decorating the Christmas tree.
The game is a limited edition game because it will be available only around the holiday season. Last but not least, Christmas Joy is our highest paying game ever, offering a whopping £2,000,000 top prize!
This prize will be granted as an immediate prize of 500,000 (quarter) or as a monthly salary for 15 years of 11,110 each month. This game is intended for both males and females that are in the Christmas spirit or just want the chance to win our largest top prize ever.

Decorate the Christmas tree with beautiful scratchable ornament pairs. 

Each ornament pair costs £2 with a maximum of 5 ornament pairs you may activate on the tree per game round.  Each ornament pair has its matching present underneath the tree with the relevant prize inside. Reveal a matching ornament pair and the prize in the present is yours! You may just be unwrapping the present with the unbelievable £2,000,000 top prize…

Click here to play at Crazy Scratch


3Wow scratchcard game

3WoW scratchcard game

One of the most popular online scratch card games ever made.

This game has developed an aura of it's own and for a very good reason – pick the right card and you could win a sensational £1 Million pounds – that's a lot of scratch card money!

You'll always find the 3wow game in the "most popular" category whichever scratch card site you play on and there is a variant on the game called "super 3 wow" which I'll review soon. But for now the 3wow game should wet your whistle for what's to come.

In this Scratch card game you are dealt a hand of cards and you can pick any card you like - so go ahead and pick one!

The card price is displayed on the bottom left of your card and before you start you can scratch the win multiplier on the bottom right before scratching away to reveal your prize.3wowreview2

Can't wait to play? Click here to play at superscratch scratchcards. OR Click here to play at crazyscratch scratchcards.

This is going to be fun!

Select the price of the card you want to play. Note that the jackpot doesn't come into play unless you buy a ticket for £2 or more which means you can play away on the 50p cards to try and build enough to have a shot at the jackpot if you don't have a lot of money to play with or jump right in if you are loaded!

Now here is a really interesting piece of information about this game: If you win the jackpot (and admittedly the odds are against it but it's nice to dream!) the £1,000,000 prize can be paid out in monthly installments of £5,500.00 for 15 years! How old are you? That's a long time to get a cool 5k per month!

At the bottom of the screen you'll see a toolbar which displays your account balance on the left and on the right you have the maximum possible win on your chosen card price. There’s a tab for going back to the lobby and for Menu which gives access to other categories, live chat and customer support. The Help section in the Menu provides a useful manual if you’re new to this online scratch card game.

There are two sites that I like to play the 3wow game on and I'll give you individual instructions for each so you don't need to mess around finding the game etc.

Instructions for playing 3wow at Superscratch:

This is really easy as 3wow is listed on the superscratch home page as one of the favourite games to play. Simply follow this link (browser will open in a new window) and the game will automatically load up in your browser. You can choose between free play and real money play so need to fret whilst you get used to the game if you are a new player.

Click here to play 3wow at superscratch scratchcards.

Instructions for playing 3wow at CrazyScratch:

Slightly different for this one as you need to look on the menu bar for the "play now" button at the top and this will load up the software for you ready for you to choose the game you want to play.

Click here to play 3wow at crazyscratch scratchcards.

You can also read my superscratch scratchcard review here or read my crazyscratch scratchcard review here - both sites are powered by neogames so it's exactly the same software at both sites it just depends which one takes your fancy!

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